Thermal comfort, PPD and PMV index in paraview


If i have a temperature and a velocity field, it is possible to calculate the PPD and PMV index? I searched in filters but I did not find a dedicated filter to thermal comfort. Is there a plugin or extension that I can install?

The formula to calculate the indexes requires temperature, velocity, some input constant and 2 iterative processes.

Thanks for the attention

Can this be computed node by node ?
Then use calculator or python calculator

If not, use ProgrammableFilter.

thanks for the asnwer
yes it can be computed node by node.
In python calculator can I insert a code of 60 lines with for and if cycles and with input parameters?
if there is not a existing filter or extension, it is the only way

You can but it is basically unreadable. I’d go the programmable filter way.

ok, thanks. I try this way