This RenderView will always save as a blue background even when a WhiteBackground is selected?

Through some sort of unknown manipulation, I’ve ended up with a PVSM that always produces a the default blue background when saving a screenshot, even when I select the WhiteBackground option.

I noted that if I recreated the render view from scratch, it will go away for a bit before coming back. I suspect it might be because I use a screenshotting python script that does the following, but I cannot reproduce it, so maybe it’s a red herring.

for t in ts:
  print("processing {}".format(t))
  view.ViewTime = t
  # Hide, Show here..

    os.path.join(basedir, "{}.png".format(int(view.ViewTime))),
    ImageResolution=[1280, 720],

Luckily, I’ve figured out that if I deleted all of my filters/sources in the pipeline after creating this renderview and save the resulting PVSM, it will still consistently screenshot only a blue background and I’ve attached it here: always-blue.pvsm (1.2 MB). What am I doing wrong here?

I’ve not been able to understand why your .pvsm is not working correctly, however you can fix that by doing the following :

  • Open ParaView
  • Load your state file
  • Save State as a python state file
  • Close ParaView
  • Open ParaView
  • Load your python state file
  • Save State over your initial pvsm state file

Is this worthy of a bug report? I also tried to click the “Restore Default” on the background color in the render view properties window and nothing changed.

I’ll try your solution with my complete PVSM to see if it can correctly restore everything and fix the issue.

To report the bug we would need to have a way to recreate the issue and corrupt a pvsm using ParaView.