TIFF opening difference between <=5.7 versions and 5.8

Hi! Today I had to do a visualization in ParaView, and noticed a difference when opening the same TIFF dataset from opentopography
dataset: output_alos.tif (2.1 MB)

Version 5.7 or older with view direction = -Z:

Version 5.8 same view direction:

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but this change affects a lot of the programmable filters that I often use in this type of datasets because of the point by point loops, so I tought of creating a topic here

I’m using 5.7 for now to use my old recipes, but if it’s a change for good I will update those

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Can you open the same dataset in QGis? Is it shown the same or different than the latest paraview?

So, I’ve never used QGIS … I’ve just installed it so the colors are not like in the paraview viz
It shows the data as version <= 5.7

This is a georeferenced tiff, so you’ll need GDAL Raster Reader to open this correctly.
I just tried and it looks the same as in QGIS. You’ll need to compile ParaView with PARAVIEW_ENABLE_GDAL (and have gdal installed on your machine) to get this reader.