Time annotation in Paraview animations

I am trying to include annotate time filter in my animation. The time that shows there is the sequential number of the vtk files. For example, the names of the files that I use are xz1_0000.vtk to xz1_2487.vtk. So, the time annotation filter shows the sequential number from 0000 to 2487. I actually want to show the actual time of the simulation which is written in the header of each .vtk file. Is there anyway that I can get these values to display in annotate time filter? Please see a couple of .vtk files that I use.
xz1_2147.vtk (475.3 KB)
xz1_2146.vtk (475.3 KB)

The easiest way to add actual time information to a group of time-series vtk files is to create a JSON-based meta file. The sample is uploaded below.
xz1.vtk.series (173 Bytes)

Thanks for your reply. How do I read this meta file to Paraview? Any help is appreciated.

The feature to specify time information in a metafile was added in version 5.5.0, so any version of ParaView after 5.5.0 should be able to read it. For more information, please see the link below.

Thanks. I figured this out. We need to keep the .vtk files and the vtk.series file in the same directory or the path should be accurately given for the each .vtk file in the vtk.series file. Then we have to use the Legacy VTK files (*.vtk *.vtk.series) reader