Time as part of animation file filename


I am trying to get paraview to add the time step as the suffix to the animation file name instead of using the standard numerical suffix specified by: .%04d in the Suffix Format option. I tried a few things like {time:f} which did not work. Is there a way to reference the current timestep with something like .%07t ?

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I am not sure I understand what you are asking. The default specification uses the time step and formats it using the printf type specs: .%04d
means it is going to save something like: test.0001.png, test.0002.png, …
You can change the suffix used, for instance, using an _ instead of a . and using 3 digits for time step instead of 4:

Hello Dan.
I appreciate your reply. What I am intending is that instead of the time step the file be save with the time of the time step:


In the case of the screen shot above it would save it as say test-651.144.png, test-651.236.png, … for example. Instead of test.00066.png, test.00067.png… In some cases a number of digits will be required if the times are only 10e-6 s apart for example…


Yes, this will have to be added - it does not seem to be supported at the moment.

Ok… Cool… I will stop trying to use dereference key combos that mean nothing… :sweat_smile: