time average particles velocity

I have .pvd and .vtp files (result of mfix). this files are about particle data. I want to export time average particle y-velocity . how can i do it?

TemporalStatistics ?

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dear sir Mathieu
I am a Msc student from iran university of science and technology (IUST); Thehran, Iran.
I am using paraView for presentation of the results of a CFD-DEM results of a fluidized bed reactor. in this method, the location and velocity of each particles are saved through the time; while the gas phase data (velocity) are saved in the cells. the average number of particles in each cell are about 10 particle.
now; I want to average the solid circulation velocity in time. in this regard; first I should convert the point data to cell data and then I should make an averaging the result through time. two consequent .csv files of the data attached. Please help me to overcome this problem.
Best regards
19.99s.csv (575.2 KB) 20s.csv (575.3 KB)

Filters -> TemporalStatistics should give you the results you are looking for.

thanks again dear Mathieu
I fully understand what you mean, But we have no cells and i want the average number of particles in each cell. how can I mapped point data to cells?

Where are the cells suposed to come from ?

Dear Mathieu,
Thanks a lot for your quick reply.
Actually I want to find the particles velocity (lagrangian objects)in each cell. The cells are corresponds to the gas phase data (Eulerian). The cell coordinates are available in files which i have attached previously (here also attached as gas.csv). In each cell there are some particles. the particles data are available in the file (solid.csv). Now, I need to average the particles mapped velocity in the cells.
For More details please see the attached image.

particle 20s.csv (575.3 KB) solid.csv (2.0 MB)

Still unclear. Please include a state file.

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