time-based camera animation

I wish to use different forms of camera animations during an in-situ run. But I find very little information in the ParaViewCatalystGuide (v5.8),or the source examples, on the topic. For example, I don’t see any way of using some keyframe interpolation even though I have a working Python script setting up my keyframes, my cues and my scene. It sounds hard to imagine that what works with post-mortem vis, telling the scene to ‘Snap To TimeSteps’ is going to work in an in-situ context since the co-processor does not know ahead of time how many timesteps it will get…

Seems like the only time-related call is dataDescription->SetTimeData(time, timeStep), but there is no way to set time bounds and modify the pipeline’s view based on time.

Any examples on animating the camera would be appreciated. TIA