Time dependent clipping

I have an OpenFOAM simulation in which part of my domain rotates. I’m interested in field values within a box-window that is centered on the rotating part of my geometry and rotates with that.

I know the rotation angle by time and maybe via translating my whole domain I can keep the window fixed and extract the values. Yet, I believe it is more expensive, computationally.

Is there a way to really perform a time-dependent clipping? How can I do that?

You should be able to add a animation track in the animation view to change the value of the clip over time.

In may not be easy to obtain exactly what you are looking for though.

Thanks @mwestphal for your suggestion.

I realized the best way for what I intend to do, is the select the sub-domain at one time-stamp, with frustum or box or any other method, freeze the selected cells, and extract them.

I’d like to refer to the tutorial guide v5.6, page 56 and 59 that help me through it.

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