Time Series AMReX grid

Hi All,

I’m working with an AMReX based application code and the AMReX grid data reader of the 5.7 version works like a charm (thanks for this new and easier feature !).
Based on the release notes on the Paraview blog, it seems that it is possible to load time series of AMReX grid data (“The reader allows for the processing of a time series of AMReX data sets”), however I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that yet …
Loading several AMReX plt***** files at once only results in independent datasets, without time information. Is it necessary to build an XML file containing the list of plt***** files and timestamps ?

Thanks in advance for clarifying that point !



that’s odd. that should have worked. Is it possible to share the dataset?

No problem ! Enclosed are two plt***** files among those I was trying to open. I’ve limited to a single AMR level to obtain a small enough files.
FYI : I’m working on a Mac with the off-the-shelf .dmg from the Paraview website.
AMREX_Plt1.tar (2.4 MB) AMREX_Plt2.tar (2.4 MB)

And it seems that with previous version of Paraview, people found some workaround to load time series:

There’s definitely a bug. I’ll take a look soon a get back to you.

this is odd, when I try to open the dataset with 5.7 on linux, it segfaults for me. Just to make sure you’re choosing AMReX/BoxLib Grid Reader from the Open Data With.. dialog, correct? Wonder why it’s not segfaulting for you.

@olearypatrick tracked this down – it was indeed an issue. A fix is available here.

@cory.quammen, do you think we can get this in for 5.7.1? It’s an isolated change so should not impact much beyond this reader which already has a fairly critical issue in the current release.

Yeah, no problem. Backport: release should still work as desired in the merge request until we branch for 5.8.0.

Thank you all for looking into this !

While I’m working with time series, I was wondering if it is possible to select manually some plotfiles and open them as a “Group” (the question is not limited to AMReX plotfile) ? I’m trying to open a subset of a group identified by the file explorer, such as “plt5…” when the group of the file explorer is “plt…”.

Thanks again for your help


Alas, no. The only way I can think of is to put those dirs of interest in a new dir. Of course, you can do this in Python script (or Python shell in the GUI) but not using the File | Open dialog.