Time Series in PV Glance

Hi there and thanks for the awesome suite of software that you’ve been developing over the years!
I was wondering if there was a way of embedding time series as .vtkjs or .glance files to visualise them in Paraview Glance…

Hi all, I’d like to second that question.

Being able to loop over time varying data in a web representation would be great. Any hints ? Vtkjs examples show nothing going in that direction, so I guess this is not supported.


Oops, I just noticed that thread. Thanks for seconding it so I can see it. :wink:

Indeed in the current state we don’t have time animation but it could be done with some work. So far we never got the time or directed funding to support such use case.

If several of you are interested in such feature and ready to funds some of it it might be possible to make it happen.

Another option could be done by a contribution from the community (you or someone else). I can help by providing guidance along with maybe some code snippet, but not much more.



Thanks for your reply, that’s what I thought. This is not a priority for now on my side, but it might become one in the near future.

Could you describe how a SME could provide funding to this kind of development ? Is it a one shot contract with dedicated tasks, or an oriented sponsorship ? What’s the form of the contract ?


Hi Benoit,

We have a general support contract that allow you to have some available hours of help which could then be used the way you want (answer questions, develop code/features, open or close source).

If you prefer, we can also go the more formal way via a Statement of Work (SOW) and contract.

Also, in general if you are based in Europe you should reach out to our french office unless you want someone from the US to do the work.

If you have more questions, feel free to reach out directly at firstname.lastname@kitware.com.



@benoitpaillard, you seems to be located in France. I sent you a mail directly.