Time Series of AMR data

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I am trying to create a time series of my AMR data stored in .vthb files. I try to put the .vthb files in a pvd file and form a collection. At first glance everything seems to work, however, loading the pvd file makes ParaView drop the option to display more than 1 grid level. The option is called “Default Number of Levels”. Loading just on .vthb file gives me the option but once I load the pvd file I see no way how to display fine grid levels. I am using ParaView version 5.11.1 and here are the files I tried to work with:

Example.zip (22.3 KB)

How can I make this work or is this a bug in ParaView?

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This is expected. The pvd reader is very generic but does not provide access to the special properties of certain readers.

You may want to use a .series file or a the VTKHDF format

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For the VTKHDF file, would there be a very simple Python script or C++ file available to produce an example HDF file as a starting point?

Furthermore, I saw this post: Overlapping AMR support in vtkHDF - #5 by Francois_Mazen - Development - VTK
The Problem is exactly similar to what I have. There was a specific design proposed for the HDF file and I tried the attached file amrhdf.py. However, ParaView can not read the generated .h5 file

@Lucas_Givord @Francois_Mazen

Hello @risingBubbles,

there is indeed a repository which contains simple python script to generate vtkhdf file : https://gitlab.kitware.com/keu-public/vtkhdf/vtkhdf-scripts

Regarding OverlappingAMR itself, I’m working on adding transient support for OverlappingAMR for the vtkHDFReader in VTK here, I still need some work to finish that.

In this context, I plan to improve the vtkhdf-scripts repository to have a dedicate python script to generate overlapping amr with and without transient data, it’s not finished yet but it could help you : https://gitlab.kitware.com/keu-public/vtkhdf/vtkhdf-scripts/-/blob/add_overlapping_amr_script/scripts/generate_overlappingAMR.py#L12