time series of files not recognized as a group

I have files named


However, only the files starting with time_0.xxxxxxx.vtu and time_1.xxxxxxx.vtu are considered to be within one group and time_2.000000.vtu is considered as a single file. See for instance


This is inconvenient as I have to load them as two groups + file. Can they be converted into a group, either before or after loading them?

Here are the data:
time_0.500000.vtu (19.8 KB)
time_0.400000.vtu (19.9 KB)
time_0.300000.vtu (20 KB)
time_0.200000.vtu (20.0 KB)
time_0.100000.vtu (20.0 KB)
time_1.000000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_0.900000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_0.800000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_0.700000.vtu (19.8 KB)
time_0.600000.vtu (19.8 KB)
time_1.500000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.400000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.300000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.200000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.100000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_2.000000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.900000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.800000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.700000.vtu (19.7 KB)
time_1.600000.vtu (19.7 KB)

Thank you!

could you share such file series ?

@mwestphal Sure. I uploaded the files in the question.

@mwestphal Do you have any idea for a solution?

I’m afraid you need to rework your naming scheme or use a .series file

Would I do that when I generate the files or can I also do it afterwards?

both are ok

And how can I do it afterwards?

write the file yourself using a text editor ?