time step aanotation using python annotation

Dear community,

I am importing several .vtu files into paraview. Each .tu file has a variable names reservoirfluid::Time
which represents the time. Then, I want to annotate the value of time steps in my plot. I checked this page but still could not solve my issu. I tried adding Python Annotation filter and used reservoirfluid::Time as my expression but it raised to an error.
I have uploaded some snapshots of my data. I very much appreciate your help.
second_TH_0.vtu (1.2 MB)
second_TH_1.vtu (2.3 MB)
second_TH_2.vtu (2.4 MB)
second_TH_3.vtu (2.4 MB)
second_TH_4.vtu (3.1 MB)

FYI this is not the right way to specify a time step value in ParaView, you want to use a .series file: 2. Loading Data — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation

But, you should be able to annotate using your data like any other data, it seems to work perfectly here:

Use “AnnotateAttributesData” for that.

Dear @mwestphal , thanks for your hint. I tried the AnnotateAttributeData and used reservoirfluid::Time as the Input Array but again it raises an error and only (error) pops up in the 3D plot. I have dropped the view here:

You are using ParaView 5.8.1, please update paraview

thanks a lot. It worked with the new version.