Time step data

I have series of time step data that got generated from converge_cfd software. When ever I load paraview loads all the time step data into the memory. Is there any way to only load one time step data in paraview?

This looks like a limitation of the converge cfd reader ? Maybe @cory.quammen knows more.

That’s not what the CONVERGE CFD reader does. It reads and stores in memory only the requested timestep.

How do I ensure that only one time step data is getting loaded.My data file size is around 12GB and when I load the last time step data it always displays the first time step and I have to manually scroll to the last time step. And when I do that I observe that all of my RAM gets consumed. I have about 192GB of RAM and running paraview on a 36 core machine still I am unable to visualize the data for one given time step.