Time values from Visit Silo files

I have been a regular user of Visit and am transitioning to ParaView for numerous reasons. What I am having issues with is reading in a time-series of data where the data is nested within directories and the directories themselves have the time value. My issue could be that I need to rename and/or reorganize the data files so that one of ParaViews readers can read the time values from the directory names. Also, please note that these files work just fine in VisIt and have the extension Silo. There is a ‘meta’ file called ‘LBM.vist’ that contains the list of visualization files to read and in the right order. Unfortunately, reading this file in and selecting the VisitSilo reader didn’t seem to work.

Here is my directory free with the data shown in each file. Using Tree you can see the directory structure:

The files with 0000#.silo are actually the parallel domain information. The file that should be read by paraview is summary.silo. In fact, if I read in summary.silo Paraview does exactly the right thing. It can read all of the data in the databases properly and correctly puts all of the subdomain data from the subdomain files where it should be. So, I have no issues visualizing my data from one of these summary.silo files. The issue is in reading multiple time values from the other directories.

This next image shows the contents of the LBM.visit file

Also, I would be perfectly happy with a programmatic way to do this. I am not sure how I would go about getting started on this.

Is this something that you guys can help with?

There is now a meta .series file format that you can generate that I think will solve your problem. See https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/blob/v5.5.0/Documentation/release/ParaView-5.5.0.md#json-based-new-meta-file-format-for-series-added