Title on top of figure


I have about 50 different vtk files, that each represent boreholes in space. Can I add an individual title, on top of each vtk (probably that scales with x-axis label etc), so I can see what is what?


In a 3D view or chart view ?

3D view

This is doable with a 3D Text source but definitely not practical. YOu may want to try to see how it goes for you?.

Thanks, I will give it a try. Can you provide a legacy vtk file format, how will this 3d text source will look like?


Maybe look at doing it through a selection and displaying the point or cell labels in the Selection Display Inspector. You’d have to add either a point data or cell data string array with the label you want.

This will not be contained in the VTK file.

Thanks for the help. I have thousands of legacy vtk files (which I make by myself). So, I don’t want to do this writing one-by-one. Even if i have to generate separate 3d text source vtk, for each file I have.

If possible I am asking that the “Test” you how in the figure, can be loaded from a vtk file.
How this will look like.

No, as I said that solution would have to be manual.

Ok, I see. I did generate a vtk file, but it seems that each letter is actually a polygon.
How I see the solution is to generate a vtk file per letter, and then combine then to make sentences.

I hope there will be an easier solution, but thanks anyway.