Toggle column visibility - too large for screen

When processing a model with “a lot of” scalar variables (~ 50) and creating a plot over time for some data points and viewing the result in a spread sheet view, I struggle with selecting the output I want to display. The “toggle column visibility” window fills my whole screen (24inch) showing me a list of all my scalar variables with the operations avg/max/min etc. However I’d like to select the q1 (1st Quartile) property for some scalar but can’t, as the “toggle column visibility” window doesn’t fit my screen nor does it seem to be scrollable. Is there anything I can do about this?
I’m using Paraview 5.9 RC2 on a (rather oldish) Ubuntu 14.04 OS.

  • Select Tools | Start Trace, make sure to check Show incremental trace on the options dialog for trace.
  • Next, show the column visibility menu and simply uncheck All Columns. That will generate some trace as follows:
spreadSheetView1 = GetActiveViewOrCreate('SpreadSheetView')
spreadSheetView1.HiddenColumnLabels = ['Point ID', 'Structured Coordinates', 'RTData', 'Block Number', ....]
  • Next, stop the trace from Tools menu.

The code snippet is what you want. You can now use Python shell from the View menu to type in an appropriate variant of the script to show (rather hide) the variables of interest.

Not as nice as picking by mouse, but works, thanks!