Total surface area using MeshQuality Filter

I want to use Mesh Quality filter to calculate the total surface area of a surface. Any help on how I may be able to do that?

If you set the quality metric to surface area for all the surface cell types present, you can then run the Integrate Variables filter after Mesh Quality and it will add field data to your dataset containing the sum (discretized integral) of surface area over all the cells.

Field data in Integrate Variables filter section showed me the integrated area. Thanks!

It’s worth noting that recent versions of ParaView also have a Cell Size filter that can also compute the surface of cells. Because it is less general than Mesh Quality, you might find it easier to use. It also has a convenient feature to compute the Sum, which allows you to also get the total surface area without having to run Integrate Variables. (It shows up as a “global” field. Go to the Information panel to see the total surface area.)

Yes I’m aware of that but on choosing the Cell Size filter, Paraview is crashing. That is why I’m preferring to use Mesh Quality filter.