trace recording does not record Find Data toolbox information

I want to write a python script to find some cells containing a list of points. To know how to do it, I used start trace then used the Find Data toolbox and extracted the selection then stopped the trace. I don’t see any information regarding it in the output file. Also I get some errors when I save state as python script which happens only after I use this toolbox. How to fix this issue? Moreover, in Python Shell I used SelctionQuerySource function, but it does nothing and I cannot see cell or point data.

selection_source = SelectionQuerySource(CompositeIndex=-1, FieldType='CELL', HierarchicalIndex=-1, HierarchicalLevel=-1, InsideOut=0, ProcessID=-1, QueryString='cellContainsPoint(inputs, [(211,-78,1024),])')

I work with ParaView 5.6.0 on Ubuntu 16.04. I tried the other versions as well.

Edit: I have noticed that an error raises when I use Extract Selection filter and save the state. Here is the error message,

This is a known feature hole.

This feature hole is scheduled for the 5.8 release, out early fall this year.


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