Trace tool error: missing python modules in paraview 5.12.0

The trace tool stopped working on my system from one moment to another. The error Issued reads:
Error in vtkSMTTrace.cxx, line 66
VTKSMTrace (0000001650A551EE0): Failed to import paraview.smtrace module.

I noticed that other Python enabled functions, such as saving .py states and the python shell also don’t work and force shutdowns of the software. Installing another version of Paraview does not resolve the error (tried 5.10.1 and 5.11.0), neither does resetting to default settings or rebooting my PC. My OS is windows 10.

Resolved the issue myself at long last by completely removing everything to do with both Python and Paraview from my PC and System paths, then reinstalling python first, then paraview 5.11.2.

maybe related to ?