Tracing Particles


I’ve been working on a set of particles, trying to trace specific ones.
However, after a specific period of time the selected set of particles start changing, so instead of the originally selected particles, other ones are highlighted.
I’ve noticed that the Id of the particles change, meaning the new particles get the old Id of the originally highlighted ones:

Is there a way of tracing particles without their Ids?

How do you generate these particles ?

They are based on a h5part-file.
I’ve shared that file in a previous question:

Indeed, you Ids seems to change completely every 30 timesteps.

ParaView cannot do much here. You need to generate ids on your dataset that correspond to the particules correctly in your dataset generation process.

I think writing a new filter that will generate that in ParaView based on some kind of tolerance would not be too complicated, but it would be a bit limited. Writing this filter in a programmable filter could be done.

Okay, I’ll try to do it this way then.
Thank you!