trame: big coordinates problem

Hi, I found if the coordinates of the model are very big, trame will have a problem with rotating the model - rotate the model, the model will disappear. In Paraview, it will take care of the big coordinates problem, but in trame, it seems that I have to move the model to the origin. I think there may be a better solution than changing the real coordinates of the model.
I have uploaded 2 models that you can have a try. (2.8 MB)

Do you have the trame app using your data so I can make sure it is not a user error and/or I can understand where the limitation is coming from?

codes and (2.8 MB)
Attached is the python code and the 2 models. One of the models is around the origin and another one has very big coordinates. Using the same python code (we almost copied the Paraview part from Paraview trace), the simple_model_around_origin.vtk is working properly, while the simple_model.vtk is not working. You can see it, but if you rotate it, it will disappear - actually, I think it does not disappear, you just cannot see it. This problem also will happen if you change it to local rendering.