trame: legend lost in LocalView

In the trame tutorial ./05_paraview/ , if I change it to LocalView, the legend will be lost.
I’m using windows 11, PravaView 5.11. Please check:
In the Paraview, there is legend -

But in the web browser, the legend is lost -

I think this is a bug.

That issue is related to the fact that ParaView is wrapping the scalar bar into a widget which get skipped into vtk.js, hence missing in the LocalView.

That issue is aiming to track it down.

Hi Sebastien, will vtk.js support widgets in the future, or is there a solution on Paraview’s side?

vtk.js do support its own widgets. We just need to start mapping the VTK/C++ one to the vtk.js world. It will happen but it might be slow to get all of them within vtk.js. Although the scalarbar/actor2d one should not be too hard to do.

OK, thanks for your reply.