Transform about axis

I have a 3D model that looks like:

I am trying to get my model to rotate 180 degrees to look like:

However when I use the transform filter, my model also translates, even though I only specify rotation 180 in Y.

How can I rotate about an axis without translation??

You are rotating around the origin, not the center of your object. I forget which goes first, but in basic steps, do this?

  • Translate so the origin is in the center of your model.
  • Rotate
  • Translate back where your model originally was.

The latest ParaView 5.10 release candidate has a new option to the Transform filter that allows you to rotate around a specified point in space. (See Transform: How to rotate stl about a given axis? - #5 by mwestphal)


Oh cool. I had forgotten about that. Thanks Ken.