Transform property 'RotateAroundOriginTransform' not working in python


I have an stl file which needs to be rotated about an axis with origin.

For this, based on question asked previously, I used pv nightly version. From paraview, I can do it correctly, but I am facing a problem through python code. Here is the code and error.


meshstl = STLReader(registrationName='mesh.stl', FileNames = 'mesh.stl')
transform1 = Transform(registrationName='Transform1', Input=meshstl)
transform1.Transform = 'RotateAroundOriginTransform'
transform1.Transform.Originofrotation = [0.094, 0.035, 0.0315]
transform1.Transform.Rotate = [35.0, 0.0, 0.0]


ValueError: RotateAroundOriginTransform is not a valid value for attribute Transform.

With option of Transform instead of RotateAroundOriginTransform, code runs. But I specifically needed RotateAroundOriginTransform to work via python.

How to overcome this error?

Sunag R A.