Transformation of tensor variables

Hi all,

I have a data field which is a rank 2 symmetric tensor stored in Cartesian components (XX, YY, ZZ, XY, YZ, XZ) and stored it in a vtkFloatArray with 6 components. I have stored the components in the order suggested in Automatic naming of tensor components. I was expecting the vtkTransformFilter to transform the tensor upon rotation but as far as I understand the docs (VTK: vtkTransformFilter Class Reference) this only applies to vectors. We store vectors as 3 component float array and there, the transformation works just fine.

The question is: am I missing something or is this simply not implemented in VTK/ParaView?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Tensor transformation is indeed not supported. Please open an issue:

Thanks for the quick reply, @mwestphal! Will do!