Transient aware extractor

I am preparing my simulation code to use catalyst. I use the multimesh protocol representing a hierarchy of vtkUnstructuredGrid.

I have two use cases:
First, I want to perform live visualization, as I sometimes debug the simulation code while I am watching the simulation results. This use case works fine.

I also want to store my simulation, from start to finish, in a simulation file. In this simulation file I just store the raw geometry data. Sometime I let the simulation running and I go away. When I come back, I want to load a file and see if everything was correct. For that, I would prefer to have a single file with all the timesteps.

Is there any extractor that can save the data for all the timesteps so I can later analyze it?

Hi !

Nice :slight_smile:

This does not exists as of now but it is in our roadmap!
A lot of work are on the way with the VTKHDF file format (VTK File Formats - VTK documentation) that is the new standard way to read/write data in VTK (and thus in ParaView and catalyst). One of the next step is exactly to support transient write in a single file.

Thats okay. For now, Ill write the data to VTKHDF when I am sending it to catalyst