Transient data for MultiBlockDataset in VTKHDF loads nothing

I am trying to load some transient data for my simulation. First of all, I am using a MultiBlockDataset and inside that MultiBlockDataSet, I have 3 UnstructuredGrids.

For that UnstructuredGrid, I have transient data. If I remove the transient data, I can correctly load the file and I see the meshes, but once I add the transient data, ParaView shows nothing (no geometry, no points)

Not sure what is wrong

This is my file

Test.vtkhdf (60.3 KB)

@Lucas_Givord @Louis_Gombert

Hi @Juan_Jose_Casafranca , the support of composite types in VTKHDF Reader and Writer is still very new. For now, only the non-transient and non-parallel composite data can be read or written. We’ll post the current status of VTKHDF implementation on discourse soon.

Are you totally sure about this? Apparently I was missing the CellsOffset dataset, but other than that, I have managed to load a VTKHDF file with compositve MutltiBlockDataSets and UnstructuredGrids as leafs with transient data.

Here is the file working

Test.vtkhdf (68.4 KB)

I mean, not supported officially. We currently don’t have tests for composite + transient in VTK to validate the behavior and make sure it won’t change, but it’s totally possible that you can get it working somehow.

Cool. Thanks! I will continue using it as I am right now, but I will mark the topic as solved, since this is still undocumented behavior.

Thanks for being an early adopter of the format, we’ll keep you posted when support is official!

Your welcome. I have spent a long time searching for a format like VTKHDF, that could support transient + hierarchical data so I could store my simulations in a single file. I actually wrote something similar to what VTKHDF supports now and a ParaView plugin for reading it :rofl:

the VTKHDF implementation status & roadmap is now public VTKHDF roadmap - Development - VTK