Transition from Script to Trame visualisation

Dear everyone,
Since a couple of days I am working on a python script for postprocessing CFD postprocessing and it’s working well. Now that the script is done, I would like to have Trame to show the various views that it is producing instead of having it in sparse windows or in paraview itself as I think that a nicer UI would make it more usable.
Is there an easy way to “port” an existing pipeline/script to be used with trame?

Thank you

There should be, but it truly depends on what your script is doing and what kind of UI/interaction you are looking for.

For just bundling windows to a webpage, you can look at how we converted VTK/Python examples to trame app.


Can we handle paraview windows as VTK windows?
If it’s 1:1 compatible then this makes things a little bit easier
I have very simple views to display and I do not need to interact with them actively. I just need some sort of UI to keep all the views in one window

Yes ParaView Views are the same thing as a vtkRenderWindow. You can see that simple ParaView based example.

Thank you, this solved my issue

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