Translate along and rotate around a self defined Vector

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to move the scan of a smaller component to its correct place inside a bigger component. It would be beneficial to be able to do that along the axis of a hole that both parts have in common.
So my question is:
Is it possible to Translate and Rotate around a fixed self defined vector in Paraview?

Many Thanks
Fabian Pelzer

I’m not sure about Paraview.

But in Slicer you can achieve what you want using a line markup to act as axis and a point inside the line as pivot with some python scripting to set up event based interactions.

Knowing that Slicer and Paraview are vtk based, that linear transforms are vtk classes and that there are vtk examples of transforming-widgets. I would guess paraview can do something similar

The transform filter let you rotate around a point, is that what you are looking for ?


As far as I understand the rotate around point in the transform filter it is only possible to rotate around the global x,y,z axis. I would like to set a vector myself and then translate the component along that vector and also rotate it around that vector axis instead of a global axis. I hope it is understandable what I mean, if not I can draw a Sketch or attach a Screenshot.

Many thanks
Fabian Pelzer