Transparency Issues ...

Dear All,
when rendering a high-res images (Save Screenshot/Animation) with several layers that have a color table that uses transparency, I have a weird pattern, please see image attached. I am rendering on a 4k screen, the image itself is 8k, but the uploaded version is down sampled, of course. One of the layers in the center is missing and if I create an even higher res images, say 16k, the area in the center that is missing one of the two surface layers is getting larger. Rendering 4k and below, everything is fine. The same effect occurs when I zoom in. In the middle, the second layer is gone, if I pan to the side, it is there. Any ideas?
Thanks and Cheers, Niklasr2b10_wind10m

Hello Niklas,

Please specify which version of ParaView you are using here and on which plateform.
Can you share some files to reproduce the issue?


Dear Joachim,

thanks for the email. I am using the latest Gitlab version of ParaView
under a CentOS Linux and a K80 GPU. I can either send you the state file
and the data files tomorrow, or we could work on the visualization
together via a turbo vnc session. I will contact you tomorrow via email.

Thanks and Cheers,