Troubleshooting with Windows 11

Hi everyone!

I am having problems when using Paraview. I was using it and some hours later it is not working anymore. When I run the application the paraview window shows but vanishes one second later, like it was not able to open de app. I uninstalled and installed again but it didn’t work. I am trying with paraview 5.10.1 and 5.9.1 versions that I have installed using the .exe and my OS is Windows 11 Home.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to ParaView @inssn! Sorry to hear about this trouble.

Could you try the following and report back whether it helps:

From the Edit menu, select Reset to Default Settings and restart ParaView.

Does that help?

Hi Cory,

thanks for your quick answer. I can’t click on the menu because it closes so fast.

Right, sorry. In that case, ParaView settings files are stored in <Drive letter>:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\ParaView on Windows 10. I’m not sure if Microsoft changed that in 11. Delete the files in there and start ParaView again.

Hi Cory!

Yes, it keeps the same path in Windows11 too!
But I tried it and I’m still having the same problem

@cory.quammen this is the window before closing.

I was wondering if it could be sth related to a Windows automatic update of graphic drivers because Paraview suddenly stopped working when I put my laptop on sleep mode and after turning it on the scale of my desktop was different from before

Hi @cory.quammen, it worked after windows update

Great! Thanks for following up. Now we’ll have suggestions if others face this same issue.