Trying to show csv data in Paraview

Hello everyone, I want to show a CFD result csv data(x coordinate, y coordinate, z coordinate, physical data temperature/velocity/…) in Paraview as cell data
I tried following filters:

  1. TableToPoints → point 3D plot, but what I want is cell 3D plot
  2. TableToPoints+Delauay3D → It works, but in my fluid case, geometry is really complex, and it seems Delauay3D will “fill” all the holes
  3. TableToStructured → Not work, science my grid is not a “cube”

So I want to know if there is any way I could show csv data in Paraview as cell data?
I have the grid in med or cgns format, so I’m wondering if I could map these data to my grid?Or could I do this in Paraview or through other way like Python?



You should load the csv, then load the mesh (from the cgns) and apply the data to it:

  • File / open .csv
  • TableToPoints to create points from csv
  • File / open .cgns
  • select cgns then points
  • Append Attributes → csv data is on the cgns grid
  • Point Data To Cell Data

Note that all this can be done either from the interface (recommended when learning) and in a paraview python script.