ttk availability

Hi @Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny

i want to implement the ttk in my web project where i want to get the segmentation output from contour tree generator filter !!!

I am not able to figure out if there is any package or way i can use ttk in my js project. Can you please help me to get some idea about this issue !!

Thank you

Hi @Pravin_Poudel ,

It looks like your question is very specific to TTK and not directly related to ParaView.

You may find more help on the TTK mailing list: TTK - the Topology ToolKit - Topological Data Analysis and Visualization


thank you @mwestphal, i have emailed to the email listed in the webpage directed by the link you shared. I hope that i will get the response !!

Hello @Pravin_Poudel ,

I will answer here as my answer will also concern ParaView at some point.

Unfortunately, TTK is not natively available in JS, but I see several way of integrating TTK into a website:

  • If you have a server that can handle the computation, you can use a ParaView server with TTK and integrate the rendering with a project like visualizer or trame.
  • An alternative still relying on a server for the computation is to use the ttkWebSocketIO filter to send the data and then use a render engine you are filimiar with, using a plugin to handle the data. It may require low level interactions.

To use it natevely in Javascript, I am afraid I don’t know how to do that.

Thank you @Charles_Gueunet atleast i got some lead from your answer, i wasted my whole day trying to figure out what are the ways that i can do to implement the pipeline that i have already built in paraview with ttk plugin loaded somewhere in project.

When u mean i can use paraview server with TTK, you meant using python right? I am sorry i am also new to python also !!

The interaction with the pvserver will indeed be in python. If you use an existing web front-end, most of the python interaction will already be provided though. So you may not need to much python.

I would not recommend you to go from scratch and create a whole python client as it would be a lot of work, and people have already developed robust solution for this problem.