Two new requests for ParaView Glance

Hey all,

After my positive experience with Glance on my recent project, and all the help from the discourse forum, I thought I might make a couple more requests that I think will make Glance better.

  1. Would it be possible to default to having the objects in the menu initially be “closed” ie. just list the name from the pipeline, and then if I want to access all the possible changes I click on the pointer to open up the details. Thus for new users, they can easily see that there are elements that they can turn off/on, and then the pointer is there to provide more options. (I think this should be the default behavior, but another option is to explain how I might be able to change this setting in the VTKJS file, I’ll do it myself.)

  2. I think it would be handy to be able to have the (2D) Text source translate to the Glance view on the web. I’d like to put a title that is fixed on the screen, and/or some instructions that can then be turned off with the eye-icon in the menu (as would be explained in the instructions!).

Thanks again for help, past and future!

For the default close option, it could be something we could setup in the global setting and keep it stored for that user. @Forrest_Li

Text source is not supported yet in vtk.js hence the limitation.

That would be good. If it’s possible to know how to alter the VTKJS file to also make this change, that would be even better!

I see. Maybe someday then.


*.vtkjs format does not contain any UI specific information. But we could envision some meta section that could be user-defined and used for such purpose. It might be tricky to author such field though…

Update: there is now an option in Glance (under Global) to default collapse the objects in the datasets panel. This will save the option in your browser. Additionally, there’s a programmatic API to set this setting by default, which means that the ParaView Glance exporter can now add this as an export option.

Excellent. Thank you Forrest. I will look forward to trying that out in the next release.