UI Widget Overhaul

I totally agree. I only played around with the idea of toggle buttons to see if this is something useful. Btw toggle buttons are only 6 lines of code so we can drop them immediately xD.

-1 on the buttons-for-checkboxes. Too easy to confuse with other buttons that are not togglable.

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Toggle buttons are great and will reduce the space needed if they are icons with tool tip text, but I think we should stick with checkboxes for now , because then they are self explanatory. I also agree with what Cory said.

Iā€™m also not sure about @mwestphal comment about the precision of the numbers.

Look at this behavior of ParaView

Peek 2022-09-02 18-23

As you can see, the precision of the line wdiget changed when focus is applied to it.

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