Unable to add Transform filter via C++ plugin

I want to the add Transform filter to the pipeline browser using my C++ plugin.
My code statement
pqPipelineSource* transformFilterLeft = builder->createFilter("filters", "Transform", source_left, 0);
is giving a runtime error:
No proxy that matches: group=filters and proxy=Transform were found.

To solve the issue I tried to refer to
for seeing what is acceptable. I did not the paraview filter with a label “Transform” in the above file? Why is that? Am I using the right file?

I see a Transform proxy in extended_sources in VTKExtensions/Misc/Resources/misc_utilities.xml at least.

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Thanks for your response! @ben.boeckel
I saw that too, but I have no clue what group name I should use to access that.

You want the “TransformFilter” in group “filters”, not “Transform”. You have to use the proxy name attribute, not label attribute, in the proxy definition file. In this case, you want the name defined here.

You can find the group name in the name attribute of the parent ProxyGroup XML element. In this case, it is “filters”.

This the type of transform applied by the Transform Filter. It defines a different proxy that you might create and set as the proxy property of the “TransformFilter” also named… “Transform”.

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You are amazing! Thanks Cory!