Unable to allocate memory for merge block during coprocessing

I am getting a std::bad_alloc when using the merge block feature in a Catalyst script.

ERROR: In ParaView/VTK/Common/Core/vtkGenericDataArray.txx, line 452
vtkIdTypeArray (0x2aab39a989f0): Unable to allocate 154940 elements of size 8 bytes.

Without the merge block operation (keeping everything downstream the same) it works fine, but I would like to reduce my file output (hence the merge).

Is there something I can do as a use to increase memory (the machine is no where near limited by RAM for this case) or is this perhaps an issue with mergeBlock, etc.??

Thanks for the help!

This actually is occurring regularly with my implementation, not just with merge blocks. I am linking with a fortran code. I do not think I am creating excessive data. Below is my adapter file that updates the data structures. I am using intel 17.0 compilers on RHEL 6 cluster.

extern "C" void updatefield_(int* nblki,
                         double* data,
                         char** name)
vtkCPInputDataDescription* idd = vtkCPPythonAdaptorAPI::GetCoProcessorData()- 
vtkMultiBlockDataSet* mbds = vtkMultiBlockDataSet::SafeDownCast(idd->GetGrid());
vtkMultiPieceDataSet* mpds = vtkMultiPieceDataSet::SafeDownCast(mbds->GetBlock(0));
vtkStructuredGrid* grid = vtkStructuredGrid::SafeDownCast(mpds->GetPiece((*nblki-1)));
int ncls = grid->GetNumberOfCells();
vtkDoubleArray* field = vtkDoubleArray::SafeDownCast(grid->GetCellData()->GetArray(*name));
//Check if field alrady exists
if (field == nullptr)
  vtkNew<vtkDoubleArray> newfield;
  for(int i=0; i<ncls; i++)
//Update field
  for(int i=0; i<ncls; i++)

See this post for solution