unable to allocate xxxxx elements of size x bytes.

I have a trouble in opening vtk file. Could anyone help me?

I have 16.5G and 7G vtk file, paraview can not open them and get this error.

ERROR: In c:\bbd\b51c3c7f\source-paraview\vtk\common\core\vtkDataArrayTemplate.txx; line 142.
vtkFloatArray(000000000DAB79B0): unable to allocate 156963840 elements of size 4 bytes.Qt has cuaght an exception thrown from an event handler.Throwing

I have no idea about it. Could anyone help me? very thanks.

This looks to be an older ParaView (based on the path here). It is asking for almost 600MB which doesn’t seem ridiculous, but might not be available contiguously. Does it open properly with a newer ParaView release (either 5.9.1 or a nightly build)?