Unable to color contours by contoured quantity

I seem to be unable to color a set of contours by the value being contoured, as I seem to see in this video:


I searched for a resolution and found this old bug report that looks similar to the issue I am having:


I am able to show this bug with the attached vtk file and state file:

myblock.vtk (168.6 KB) pressurecontour.pvsm (370.8 KB)

Opening the vtk file with the state file brings up the contour set for my pressure quantity, but when looking at the options for coloring it does not list that same pressure quantity, which is what would be the expected behavior (The hope is to at least differentiate between the contour surfaces with a color palette as shown in the video). I have been able to replicate this in ParaView-5.6.1-Windows-msvc2015-64bit, ParaView-5.7.0-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit, and ParaView-5.7.0-709-geb8309e679-Windows-Python3.7-msvc2015-64bit.

Try turning on the Compute Scalars option for the Contour filter.