Unable to find ParaView header file

While customizing my simplified PropertiesPanel by copy-paste code from pqPropertiesPanel.h|cxx, Qt Creator reported that it could not find several header files meant to be included:

I have built ParaView from source and set the path correctly in CMakelists.txt.

unrelated to ParaView. You will have to show us your CMakeLists.txt

In any case, creating another pqPropertiesPanel in your application is not recommended.

Thanks for advice. Here is related part of my CMakelist.txt
My intention is to simplify its GUI components.

Which version of ParaView ?

ParaView-v5.7.1. Downloaded from ParaView-v5.7.0.zip

You need to add target_link_libraries(OVDemo PRIVATE ParaView::ServerManagerDefault ParaView::ServerManagerRendering).

Thanks for reply. But why should I add this command since all the files should be included in ParaView package?

paraview_add_client only makes the generated executable link to the modules it needs for the code it generates. Any code you write may need more libraries to link against.

Thanks a lot, then I’m supposed to add my own libraries for any customization code I write. Got it! :smiley: