Unable to fly with OpenVR

I have been trying to view my Paraview scene on an Oculus. While I can scale and translate the world with the controllers, I have been unable use the joystick to fly around as described in this blog post, specifically this portion:

Pressing down on the touch-pad or joystick will start flying in the direction the controller is pointing.

Is this a bug or is additional setup needed?

For the Occulus, moving the joystick on the right controller up or down (not pressing) should fly you forward or backwards in the direction the controller is pointing. I just checked and it was working. I started steam first before sending PV to VR.

Opening Steam first still did not allow me to fly.

Are you running this executable? https://data.kitware.com/#item/5d0922c4676794a06e4cf623 Some of the older executable had issues.

Just ran that executable, everything worked perfectly. Thanks!

I tried opening a state file I had in the executable you gave, but was met with the error: “No proxy that matches: group=filters and proxy=ProgrammableFilter were found.” I received a similar error for Programmable Source.

Unfortunately my builds do not include python (which those filters require). Apparently there is some challenge in redistributing python and I never dug into it.