Unable to load CGNS file


I have a CGNS file built with CGNS 3.3.1 and with HDF5 version 1.10.5. The file consists of polyhedra with polygonal boundaries - i.e., NFACE_n and NGON_n.

Paraview is unable to read the file. If I convert it to ADF the file is read, but only the boundaries are detected. The interior faces are not listed.

The file consists of a single CGNS Zone with multiple CGNS Sections - one each for the boundaries, one for the remaining interior faces, and one for the polyhedra.

Are there known issues with Paraview regarding files of this nature? I am using the pre-built Windows version of Paraview 5.6.1.


The use of HDF5 version 1.10.5 is not a recommanded practice for CGNS version earlier than 3.4.0.
It would be better to test with a 1.8.x version of HDF5 with CGNS 3.3.1

ParaView is able to read NFACE_n and NGON_n.
One can verify this with the test example of ParaView.