Unable to open binary tecplot .plt file

Hello, I’m a relatively new user which until now has only ever dealt with native VTK files. I’ve now started using a solver which only outputs Tecplot binary .plt files, but I’ve been unable to open them with Paraview.
More specifically Paraview is able to open the file, but crashes instantly when trying to load the data.
Here is an example of the file I’m trying to read.
fld.000001.plt (2.6 MB)

I’m fairly certain that the data is not corrupt as the Tecplot reader can open it without any problems. I’ve even tried converting it into a .dat file through Tecplot, but in that case the opened data becomes jumbled and the terminal gives off an error of being unable to recognize a data point:

“ERROR: In C:\glr\builds\paraview\paraview-ci\build\superbuild\paraview\src\VTK\IO\Geometry\vtkTecplotReader.cxx, line 2177
vtkTecplotReader (00000231CC6FA050): \wsl.localhost\Ubuntu-22.04\home\franmen\code\test_m13\Out\fld.1.dat: The record type -6.857131977E-02 found in the file is unknown.”

I’m using Paraview 5.10.1 on Windows if it is of any help.
Thank you in advance

Hi @Fran and welcome to ParaView discourse !

Thank you for sharing the file. There have been some improvements in the TEcplot reader since ParaView 5.10.1. I just tried using ParaView 5.11.1 on Linux and the file loads:

You can get the latest version from https://paraview.org/download

I got however errors when I tried to enable the cell arrays…

ERROR: In vtkDataSet.cxx, line 685
vtkStructuredGrid (0x19cc06d0): Cell array M_r with 1 components, has only 0 tuples but there are 8001 cells

When trying to open the example plt data in ParaView 5.12.0-RC2 on Windows, it still crashed.