Unable to open files in macOS


I am trying to use ParaView 5.8.1 on macOS Big Sur 11.2.1, but I am unable to open any data files. When I click File > Open or the corresponding icon in the ParaView GUI, nothing opens and my cursor indicates something is loading. It seems like it loads indefinitely, and I have to force quit ParaView.

When I had macOS Catalina, the Finder window would open but be completely empty. I think ParaView did not know where to look for my documents and files, but I never resolved it and instead used ParaView on a Windows machine via remote login.

Could someone help me resolve these issues?


Hi Joyce,

Did you just install 5.8.1? We had a problem with signing the package but fixed the installer about a month ago. In any case, 5.9.0 is now available, and you might want to try that instead.

From what you describe, there might be two things going on:

1). Does you mac connect to a volume that is unreadable to your account?

2). Might you have disallowed ParaView from reading files on the Desktop or Downloads folders at some point? On Catalina, I have had to grant ParaView permission to read from these directories. I have not denied these requests on my system, so I’m not sure if that could lead to the behavior you observe, so it’s just a thought.

It was a few months ago, but 5.9.0 is working great!

Not sure what the previous issue was. I was not connected to an unreadable volume and the permissions to read files were enabled. Could be a macOS bug or problem with signing the package as you said.

Anyways thank you!