unable to run xdmf file in paraview

I tried to run an XDMF file in ParaView 5.9, but it’s not responding. There are three (i) xdmf3ReaderS (ii) Xdmf3ReaderT (iii) xdmf Reader. I am not sure the purpose of these three different readers and when to use them.

Out of these if I’m using (i) and (ii), after loading when I’m clicking on the Apply button, it freezes and does not output any error. on the other hand, if I’m using (iii) it is giving a core dumped error. The xdmf file call multiple files, which is an animation of timeframe.

I’m currently using the GPU workstation, which has 4 NVIDIA GPUs (Quadro RTX 800) and Intel CPU with 32 cores.

Here is the output while running ParaView and loading the file.

It may be possible that the paraview is not responding because of the large file. is there a way to visualise it?