Unable to save temporal file-series in any Image Format

(Leonardo Pessanha) #1


I am trying to save a .vtk file-series with 10k timesteps in png, jpeg or tiff format, but when doing it only saves one step at a time.

These writers do not support writing timesteps as file-series?

If so, any tips on how can I achieve that?

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #2

Indeed, that appears to be the case.

You can use Python scripting instead. Are you interested in trying that?

(Leonardo Pessanha) #3

Thank you, Cory!

I’ll try that, afterwards maybe someone can optimize the code and I can post it on Tips & Tricks section.

(Leonardo Pessanha) #4
from paraview.simple import *

activeSource = GetActiveSource()
animationScene = GetAnimationScene()

for timestep in range(0, animationScene.Duration):
  SaveData('path/to/save' + str(timestep) +'.png', proxy=activeSource)
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