Unable to save temporal file-series in any Image Format


I am trying to save a .vtk file-series with 10k timesteps in png, jpeg or tiff format, but when doing it only saves one step at a time.

These writers do not support writing timesteps as file-series?

If so, any tips on how can I achieve that?

Indeed, that appears to be the case.

You can use Python scripting instead. Are you interested in trying that?

Thank you, Cory!

I’ll try that, afterwards maybe someone can optimize the code and I can post it on Tips & Tricks section.

from paraview.simple import *

activeSource = GetActiveSource()
animationScene = GetAnimationScene()

for timestep in range(0, animationScene.Duration):
  SaveData('path/to/save' + str(timestep) +'.png', proxy=activeSource)
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