Unable to show the 3Dimages

I made a .vtu file about unstructuregrid, and paraview loaded it but can’t show the 3Dimages.It is about 380MB.

Please share your file, using WeTransfer.

WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free. This is the file link.Thank you

Your dataset contains a single points and 7 lines cells ?

There is an issue in your data generation system.

I am new in paraview, so I don’t have a clear understanding of ‘7 lines cells’. I just followed the procedure of making an unstructuredGrid. Input the coordinates, links, cell offset, cell type and numerical result. I used the same matlab output program and I can run paraview result about 40MB. So is it the way of matlab output wrong?

Looks like this procedure is wrong. What kind of dataset are you expecting ?

Ok, I think I will correct my matlab program. So maybe I will get the right format of the input file. Thank you.