Unable to use filters in a 3d mesh

Hi to all, i starting to use Paraview few days ago and i’m not so expert so sorry if the question is trivial.

I obtain this 3d mesh from FreeFem++ and i want to take a slice of my domain, visualizing the tetrahedra and not the triangle. But all the filters are blocked and says “requires an input”.

What can i do to solve this problem? Am i do some error in save the .vtk file?

Thanks for any help!

This is the link to download the file:

thank you! Now filters is available. But i believe that in my mesh there was some tetrahedra (MMG3d says that i have about 900k in this mesh) but if i try to view with “volume” appear the error message “Encountered non-tetrahedra cell!”

I have to set some other options to visualize these elements?

The dataset you shared only contains 2d cells.

The default Label array seams to cause this. Try picking Solid Color or your FluxFast array from the highlighted menu

unfortunatly also with flux fast and solidcolor obtain the same error. It’s vey strange, i’m sure i compute tetrahedra on Freeefem++. Maybe there is some option to add in the command “savevtk”?

Anyway, i can’t add tetraedra on this mesh by paraview?

The tetrahedra are already present in your file. Volume representation is meant mainly for images. Try setting the representation to Surface / Surface With Edges / Wireframe which is better suited for meshes.