Unable to visualise XDMF checkpoint in 1D

Hi all,

I’m writing xdmf files with checkpointing with FEniCS. everything works fine in 2D/3D, but 1D fields cannot be visualise in Paraview 5.7 (nor in the previous versions).

Here’s an exemple file:u_checkpoint.h5 (7.7 KB) u_checkpoint.xdmf (1.2 KB)

Does anyone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance!


the Center="Other" attribute in your xdmf file is not supported.

thanks for the reply. how can I check if this attribute is also present in these files ? (these files have been generated with the same FEniCS function but in 3D)

I’d like to know if it’s a FEniCS issue :slight_smile:

u_checkpoint.h5 (16.0 KB) u_checkpoint.xdmf (1.2 KB)

You can check by reading the .xdmf file.

Cheers. It appears that there is indeed an Center="Other" attribute in this xdmf file.u_checkpoint.h5 (16.0 KB) u_checkpoint.xdmf (1.2 KB)

Yet it’s readeable in Paraview. It must be supported then

My bad, the warning I was seeing was a red herring.

Actually, your first file seems to load fine, it just contains 3 cells and 4 points;

I can load but I can’t plot over line.

This is the message I get when loading with paraview
“Finite element function of family CG and degree 1 on Polyline is not supported.
Unable to get number of points for cell type 0”

The message is quite self explanatory. Your dataset contains only a line. You can’t plot over line when your dataset is only a line.

Yes I understand that, yet I’ve been able to plot over line with a line dataset before.

See this example :

Same data, generating without checkpointing though. But i’m able to plot over line even though it’s a 1D dataset.

u_normal.h5 (6.9 KB) u_normal.xdmf (660 Bytes)

My bad, the reason because you can’t plot over line your first dataset is because it does not contains any data, only geometry.

I’m afraid it does have data in it since I’m able to import it and use it in a FEniCS script. :confused:

The data is ignored because of the Center="Other" attribute

How come in the 3D case, where the attribute Center="Other" is also present, visualisation is possible ?

No idea, this would require investigation. In any case, the bug is in ParaView/VTK side, not FEniCS.

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Hi Mathieu, this bug still occurs in the latest version of Paraview. Any update on the matter ?


Not that I’m aware of. You may want to test with master and then, is the issue still present, open an issue on https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues.

I’ve just opened this issue :slight_smile:


Hi Mathieu, any chance there’s an update on this bug?